Monday, June 25, 2018


Bennett crawls into bed with me trying to avoid getting in his own bed and this happens...

Bennett: Ahhhh, this bed is magical.
Me: Magical?! Why?!
B: Because the bed is perfect and magic, and the blankets are perfect and magic, and my mommy and daddy are perfect and magic, and I can sleep all night!

This kid. So sweet. 

And yes. Still with hims doggy softie, monkey softie, and new cuddly owl. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

April showers...

Well we had our first huge rainstorm of the spring season this evening… It was a great day of church and then fun with Chi Rho crew at family game night… But as I look back over my photos for the last several days I realize that the things that are the most important to me are these three precious boys in my life...

Milkshakes (even beer shakes!) and burgers are sometimes a much needed break from all the healthy eating we’ve been focused on!
And then there’s my people... my parents... my sanity... my break for a few hours when they takes the boys to a movie!

Life is as wonderful as it is because I have my people... my village... my everything...

And then there’s Michael Banks- who ran into his director on 5th Ave dressed as Mary Poppins herself! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


First day of spring and free Rita’s! Sometimes you just have to throw cares to the wind and eat dessert before dinner!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

End of Spring Break!

What a weekend! Lots of fun packed in to the last few days of spring break! Friday was Aiden’s half birthday~and such a busy one! The boys spent the day in Lake Placid and then drove home just in time for Aiden’s rehearsal. First night of blocking and no surprise, he nailed it! It’s so fun watching him on stage, really makes me bean with pride! This kid has big dreams, even at 9 1/2 he already dreams is being a star! 

No matter what, I promise to always support his dreams! These weeks of rehearsal after rehearsal will be interesting- I keep waiting for Aiden to come home bored or annoyed or frustrated~ but no. He just loves it. Every single minute, he just loves it. So to celebrate his half birthday, he really wanted blackened grouper~ unfortunately its season and the wait for a restaurant is enough to drive us all crazy! So we ended up picking up dinner, going home and watching a movie. Aiden just finished the first Hunger Games books so he wanted to watch it! 
Saturday I had rehearsal for Rutter Requiem and then we drove out to the Panther Refuge open house (thank you P~Nicholaus for the invitation!) ~ a beautiful drive, a fun swamp buggy ride, an archery lesson and some exploring! 

 Saturday morning was a funny morning~ the boys woke to tiny stickers leading them to the kitchen... and lucky treats for St. Patrick’s day!

Bennett was easily convinced that “Lucky” from his classroom was in our house. Aiden on the other hand played along... or I thought he was playing along... until he found me quietly in the bathroom getting ready for rehearsal, and came in by himself saying, “Mommy, did you do that? Or Daddy? Leprechauns aren’t real, right?!” Well, the fact that he even came in and asked, just tickled me to no end, so of course I played along! “What do you mean? I did what?!” 
At least I left the question in his mind...
After the visit to the Panther Refuge, we had an unplanned afternoon~ what????!!!! 
The afternoon was so great because we didn’t have anywhere to be, or time to be someplace, and just played outside until the sun went down!  These sweaty boys are to fun to be with!

Especially fun thinking about the news that Papa is half Irish! Which means the boys are part Irish too! And can finally wear fun St. Pats shirts with true Irish heritage! 
Sunday was a busy church day but Bennett’s wish was to go to the pool~ to Fun and Sun we go!

Great weekend! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Quick day trip to Miami!
My requirement=lots of Blaire cuddles...

Aiden’s requirement= Big Cheese...

Great day trip!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring break... sucks...

Sometimes it sucks to miss out on moments... moments and memories with the boys... but then I realize that it’s just as important for my precious boys to be making memories without me... so that brings us to today... a beautiful weather, cool breeze and sunny skies, spring break day... a day that I’m working and the boys are playing... a wonderful day for them... and it’s ok for me to not be there... so here it is... I sometimes have to live vicariously through these moments... and recognize that I’m not always there, and will not always be there... more important is that love conquers all... whether you are there in the moment or not... love is there... and my love is in these moments, even though I am not... 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Aiden’s 3rd Grade Concert

Such fun, great harps, loud voices, and a whole collection of patriotic songs! And dinner afterwards with all of Aiden’s clack (and Maamy and Babu in spirit!) was such fun!

Monday, March 5, 2018

It’s a jolly holiday!

Well, I’m not sure how February got away from me... but here we are smack dab in March! And what a knockout start to the month~Aiden started rehearsals tonight for Mary Poppins! Just a little excited, he even gelled his own hair and put on cologne this morning before school... and has been planning to wear this shirt since he knew he was back in the rehearsal mode!
And he couldn’t have been happier to get his own script!

And already getting into character... at the end of the string he’s holding is a kite!
And of course the brits like a spot of tea each afternoon...

My little actor~so ready to fully embrace the role of Michael Banks! 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Back at it

After a week of great workouts, this weekend did not measure up~ so today I laced back up! My newest partner make it half way, and decided to motor scooter for the second half. But the funniest was the belt-duck tape-ziplock bag-comics contraption that he came up with to entertain himself as he waited for me at each stopping point. Ingenious. Hysterical. This prince. Awesome kid. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

B&B weekend

For days, Bennett has looking forward to our “B&B weekend”~ just me and B! Aiden and Aaron were on a big Scout campout...

So while the “A’s” were biking, fishing, campfire sitting, B and I were just being “B’s!”

Chalk Art fest, circus, scholarship auction at Cornerstone~ all kept us happy B’s! And all I can say is~ gosh I love this squishy face, his strong spirit, even when it drives me to madness, he’s somethin’ special, my little benediction, my littlest blessing!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Long day

After a long day, the boys asked to eat dinner on the porch- so why not?! I love saying yes, when they expect me to say no!