Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7

Lunch time is always exciting!  I've been lucky enough this summer to be able to get home most days for lunch with Aaron and Aiden.  It's been a priority since that has been the only family meal of the day since Aaron's been working the evening/night shifts.  Thank God that has FINALLY been changed, and now he's home for dinners!

So today as I sat down Aiden asked to wear my wedding ring.  My first thought was when he learned the word wedding.  Make note- the thought did not cross my mind at this point that the word "wedding" was comprehended- but just that he was able to label it correctly as a "wedding" ring.  So, my response was- "No, you're not married."  And low and behold, without missing a beat, he says- "Yes I am."  Trying not to bust out, I then realize I need to see if he does actually comprehend the word, becuase clearly he gets some connection between wedding and marriage.  I calmly ask, "What does married mean?"  And he says, "When you go like that- muah!", as he kisses his hand.  Huh. So, for some reason, I decide to go a step further, knowing that it could be risky- I'm already biting my tongue.  "So who are you married to?"  And again without missing a beat, "To Olivia from church." Ha. Funny stuff.  There is an Olivia at church. Actually two- one little girl, but not as little as Aiden.  And one big girl, like youth group big girl.  I decided to stop there, becuase I didn't really want to know which girl he was talking about, and knowing that it very well could be the big girl he was talking about.  Aaron decided to pipe in at that point, asking, "So have you kissed Olivia?"  Fortunately, he was in the kitchen and Aiden did not hear that question.  Sheesh.  The kid is 2 and I'm already having anxiety about kissing and girls and wedding and marriage???  O boy.  My boy!

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